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MatthiasRat's Journal
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Friday, November 22nd, 2002

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An update? From the Rat? No, I must be seeing things!
Hello folks out there in live journal land.

Life has been at turns good and bad to me. On the bad side, my wife's car has broken down, the air suspension just decided to do strange and terrible things to her, and it'll cost us something like $500 to fix it. There went our Christmas budget I'm afraid. Oh, and to top it off, all of my school loans are now ocming due, meaning that I'm, going to be owing an additional $300 a month just to pay on them (at least until I get them all consolidated - in about two more months). So, financially, life just plain frigging sucks right now.

I do have one bit of good news in the ifnancial world though. Both my wife and I were the recipients of recent raises. Both of our pay went up a bit, so we'll at least be making a bit more money now. but otherwise, that's about it! Once my loans are consolidated, I'll owe about a hundred per month, which is a lot better. I just wish it would get one and done soon!

On the good news front though, my research continues ot move along well. I've just today managed to prove that one aspect of my mapping from s1 to the identity is well-defined. For those of you non-math folks out there, that means my map makes sense. I am now trying to figure out how to state that other clever wiggle in the map, but it is so far defying me. I shall tame it though, it is just a matter of a few more hours beating at it.

So while my financial situation stresses me out to no end, and I'm doing my darndest to completely ignore politics for now (as to focus on it would birng only more stress and anxiety), if I continue to focus on my research and my writing, I usually can stay pretty sane.

Oh for those of you in SOAP land, are we having a meeting tonight, and if so, where is it? And if it is aon campus, can somebody give me a lift? Thanks!

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