MatthiasRat (matthiasrat) wrote,

Bad News comes in Threes

I believe that's what they say. Well, I hope that three is all we're going to get. First, Tessa broke her leg on Monday, (total expenditure, just $800). Yesterday, Kim took her SUV in to have the breaks looked at, and it needs new brakes and tires, which will cost us about $550 - $700 once done. And today, I took my Saturn in for an oil change and to fix a leak in the coolant, and from the looks of things, my engine block has a crack in it, so they have to replace my entire engine (no clear estimate here, but he'd done this for a 2004 Saturn not long ago and it was $2,200).

We do have the money saved up, but this is dealing us a serious hit. We're going to have to postpone a lot of our plans because of this. I just hope that this is it for our portion of bad news for a while.

Dominus tecum
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