MatthiasRat (matthiasrat) wrote,

Some Good News

I'm an hour away from leaving for Virginia. My car is still in the shop and will be until Monday, but at least it should be repaired then. But the reason for our trip is good. My younger brother is getting married! Huzzah! And then, later this month, he and his wife are moving to Colorado for his new job. So very good news for my family.

Tessa and Chloe (our dogs) were playing together last night like good friends, which is also really nice to see. Chloe has been the only dog for a few years, and it's taken her some time to get used to having a friend.

I'm not the newest guy in my group at work anymore, yay! And the new guy likes D&D, YAY!

Will Sanborn is publishing two more of my stories in his next Furry anthology, YAY!

So, no matter what calamity strikes, there is almost certainly plenty of reasons to be hopeful, plenty of blessings uncounted, and plenty of joy left to be uncovered and celebrated.

Dominus vobiscum
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