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And more Prayers

My dear friend, Darkwolfie, has passed away. Ever since I first met him, he has been a wonderful friend who was always enthusiastic and eager to be with friends and most especially to love his wife, Tasha. I looked forward to spending time just hanging out at their table in the Dealer's den chatting with them, and trying not to get in the way of their business! I'll never forget his smile, the bandana he always wore on his head, his scraggly beard, the laugh he always had in his face, the way he leaned forward over his notebook when doing sketches, and the way he looked and spoke to his wife as it was impossible to miss the love therein. And I'm dreadfully sorry that one of our last conversations in this life was a brief argument over the health care bill.

Tasha, I loved him as a friend, and I'm so very hurt to know that he is gone from your life especially. You both will never leave my prayers. *hugs gently*

Dominus tecum
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