MatthiasRat (matthiasrat) wrote,

GOP wins in Massachusetts!

I am delighted by last night's victory of Scott Brown for the Senate seat in Massachusetts. Not only will this likely mean the death of the gargantuan monstrosity known as the Health Care bill, it also means that the Democrats will have to ask themselves what's really important to them, and perhaps, it will even lead some of them to actually try to constructively find common-ground solutions with the GOP instead of just trying to do things "My way or the Highway".

Now, there is no doubt in my mind that our Health Care system could use some reforms. But the bills passed by the House and the Senate ain't it. Smaller bills with more limited focus will have a much greater chance of successfully addressing problems, and also, of garnering bipartisan support. And the new Senator from Massachusetts wants just such an approach.

Obama promised openness and bipartisanship. Instead we've had one-party rule, backroom deals, and secrecy. Hopefully that will begin to change.

But this is Congress, so I'm realistic too. ;-)

No real news on the personal front. Continuing to wait on the adoption as there is simply no news there, and what little we get is often very dispiriting. But we will hold out hope there, no matter what.

Dominus vobiscum
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