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Another Anthrocon

This year's Anthrocon was a great deal of fun but it has come to an end. I've only a short time ago wished my last guest safe journey and now I am home alone with the dogs for a day of rest before I return to my job.

This year I had two guests, Jacob O'Hare and Hallan Mirayas. Jacob has been to my place several times and is always a welcome guest. This was the first time I'd ever met Hallan and it was a great pleasure to do so. His lion partial is very cool and he has two great costumes to go with it, "The Beast" who wears a cape and carries a rose, and "The General" who is dressed in Chinese robes and who will eventually bare a malachite-tipped spear.

I was expecting two other guests, PakeshDe, and MishaFox, but neither were able to make it. You two were missed and we hope to see you next year!

This year I ran a Rodents panel which was a lot of fun as always. We had two dozen rodents there with a broad showing. No one species dominated. It was a fun chat on why we love rodents and how they are portrayed in movies and literature, etc...

I also attended the Dinosaurs and Reptiles panel which didn't have as many folk but was also a good deal of fun. There were a lot more lizards than I was expecting and not as many gators, but there were several dinosaurs at least. There were two triceratops fursuiters this year, which was very cool!

Since this was Hallan's first Anthrocon I spent a good bit of time with him, waiting in line for the Dealer's Den and having him kick my tail in Rummy, playing Lupus in Tabula together, just walking around the con space, etc... He had a great time and I'm so glad of that!

I picked up four new sketches this year, as well as got a badge commission. I don't have the badge yet, but I'll post the sketches once I have them scanned in.

The only other panel I attended was the Memories of Wolfie panel. Wolfie was a good friend who passed away last December. He and his wife Tashabear have been dear friends who I always spent a good bit of time chatting with every AC. I was so glad to see her there and to have at least a small chance to offer my memories for him. I kept looking at people wearing bandanas over their head because that is what Wolfie used to do.

The TF Art Jam on Saturday night was a blast. We had at one point 28 people there participating. It was great. :-)

I saw a ton of people there, a few of them for the first time like Firemane, OmniFox, Leasara, PlagueRat, and LurkingWolf. There were so many others I know I'm going to forget a few: Comus, Lucius, Zax, Indegare, Linnaeus, Austen, Andi, Tango, Crimson, Bren, BeccaBunny, CatmonkShiro, Canem, Provo, Swift, Sil, Xavier, Roy Pounds, Tincrash, Snuggems, Kitcoon, Lionus, Dumpling, Earl, Eagle's Flight, Underwater Tiger, and so many others. There was even one fellow who I've had a falling out with that was there, and at one point, was no more than three feet from me. I very much want to reconcile with him, but this was not the time and I only hope that for his sake he didn't notice me.

There were many people who I had hoped to meet that I never did but there will be other Anthrocons and other opportunities.

I am so grateful to have finally met James Gurney author and artist of Dinotopia. My Dad is a huge fan of it and I got him to sign a book for my Dad. He'll love that. :-)

I will treasure all the memories I had of this Anthrocon just as I treasure the memories of prior Anthrocons. Who knows what will come to pass when the next one rolls around! :-)

Dominus vobiscum
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